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Credit Card processing sales person90% of the credit card processing salespeople who start today will be out of the business within 2 years.


Why?  Because most new agents claim they lack effective training and coaching.

Selling can be a rewarding career, and selling payment processing (also known as merchant services or bankcard sales) is no exception.  However, just because you are an exceptional sales person with a list of contacts does not guarantee sales success.  To succeed, you must become a more compelling solution than the competition.  How are you going to do that?

You need to become a pro.

And the best way to become a pro is to receive the attention you deserve.  Think you know enough to succeed?  Take a quick self-inventory of your skills.  

Ask yourself, do you know how to:

  • Create interest with potential clients in the processing world?
  • Identify business opportunities based upon your innate experiences?
  • Read merchant services statements?
  • Suggest the best hardware solution based upon merchants needs?
  • Create a compelling sales presentation designed to overcome a merchants concerns?
  • Work with the POS suppliers to ensure you can provide processing solutions viable with the merchants existing equipment?

These, and many more concerns, must be addressed if you hope to become a pro in the merchant services field.

Enter iProcess.

Our program is a comprehensive tool that can help merchant services sales professionals – whether you are new to the industry or a re a seasoned professional.   iProcess answers a majority of questions agents have, and provides a wealth of information both from a sales coaching and a skills development aspect.

iProcess is a convenient, simple to use, cost effective solution that will provide you the resources to help you grow and sell in the merchant services field!

iProcess is divided into three sections:  Process, Proficiency, and Resources.


This section is divided into several chapters that walk an agent through the various steps of creating an action plan, implementing effective activities, identifying markets and selling. This section also includes detailed information that covers the origins of payment processing, interchange, equipment types, and how to use this information to close sales. This section is written in a simple to digest yet engaging way to keep your attention focused.

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This section is designed to assist an agent with a specific need or concern they are struggling against.  This is all about identifying a SPECIFIC issue and developing it into strength.  This section is divided into dozens and dozens of topics, with interactive sections designed to keep you focused.

In fact one of the proficiencies we offer is "How to use iProcess!

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This section is the fuel that powers the iProcess engine.  Here you will find a significant amount of data that can be used to assist virtually ANY aspect of your sales efforts.  Databases such as the Merchant Appetite Guide will provide specific data on the various vertical markets available.  Spreadsheets, telemarketing scripts, even sections designed to assist you train and develop sales agents you may hire for your company!

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iProcess.  Sell Payment Processing Like a Pro.